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West Data Capture Frequently Asked Questions

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Welcome To West Data Capture's Web Site

West Data Capture retrieves data from Data Providers and forwards it to internal areas of West.

Note for All Users

VeriSign, a provider of certificates for use with secure websites like this one, has recently posted an advisory for all users. Because of a design decision made by VeriSign, anyone who uses Netscape Navigator or Communicator, regardless of platform, should upgrade to version 4.0.6 or later. Users of Microsoft Internet Explorer for Macintosh should use any version besides 4.01.

Please see VeriSign's explanation for more details.

Feel free to contact West Data Capture with any questions regarding this issue.

Opinion Electronic Transmission Fact Sheet

If you are interested in submitting court opinions to West electronically, please complete this online Fact Sheet and return to West.

If you would like to upload files to West Data Capture using this web site, please log in. If you do not know your login name and password, contact West Data Capture

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